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Ingress Renewables' small-scale biodiesel production system offers a decentralized, efficient, and environmentally friendly solution for converting waste products, primarily used cooking oil, into clean-burning biofuel. Our compact and user-friendly design incorporates advanced processing techniques, enabling businesses, communities, and individuals to produce biodiesel on-site with minimal infrastructure requirements. The system contributes to a circular economy, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and fosters local energy independence, all while minimizing waste and promoting sustainable energy practices.

We actively source used cooking oil (UCO) and other sustainable feedstocks from restaurants, commercial kitchens, and waste management facilities. Our strategic partnerships and streamlined collection processes ensure a consistent, reliable supply of raw materials for biofuel production.


We take pride in our exceptional logistics capabilities, ensuring seamless and efficient delivery of our biofuel products to clients worldwide. Our strategic partnerships with top-tier transportation providers and a robust distribution network enable us to meet the demands of diverse markets and industries.


We employ cutting-edge biodiesel processors that are compact, efficient, and designed for seamless integration into various settings. These state-of-the-art processors enable the transformation of used cooking oil and other feedstocks into high-quality biodiesel with minimal effort and infrastructure requirements.

Final Product

We are committed to producing superior biodiesel that not only meets but exceeds industry standards. Our high-quality biofuel strictly adheres to ASTM International specifications, ensuring optimal performance, efficiency, and compatibility with diesel engines.

More Information

For more information about our active biodiesel projects, check out our subsidiary Clara Biofuels. Click on the image below or visit

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