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Enterprise Solutions
for Used Cooking Oil (UCO) Management

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Ingress Renewables is a global leader in commercial solutions for the collection and recycling of Used Cooking Oil and other animal and vegetable fats. Our expansive operations include both the collection of these feedstocks and their conversion into biodiesel. This means we have a deep understanding of the entire life cycle of the UCO, from creation in the kitchen, through disposal and collection, all the way to the final transformation into biodiesel. 

Similarly, we have experience collecting from clients of all different sizes and types. We have created custom collection solutions for businesses ranging from a couple of locations producing tens of gallons per month, to large commercial locations producing thousands of gallons per month. In each case, we get to know our clients and their systems so we can seamlessly integrate a solution that works for you.


For your Waste

Waste Management 

Lower Administrator Burden 


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The Process

Our goal is to create a UCO waste management solution that seamlessly integrates into your existing operations. We do this by understanding your needs and creating a customized solution to manage your UCO, greatly reducing the burden on you, the customer, to manage this difficult waste stream.

We Provide The Conatiner

You Deposit your Used Oil

We Collect On Time

You Get Paid

Let’s Work Together

To Manage your Waste Oil

Terms and Conditions 

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